I am an Australian Pro Boxer and Mixed Martial Arts fighter, competing at 57-60kg.

I train out of Gamebred SF and Fortitude Boxing Gym.

I'm also working at Granite PT in Coorparoo.

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Almost time to punch stuff!

Got out some more hard rounds today with Todd. Feeling good for May 10! Hit me up for tickets :)

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It’s time to punch on again!!! May 10 people - put it down in your diary’s :) #teamjuarez #beast #fightnight #boxing #boxinghype

I have tickets for my next fight on May 10!!!! Come and get em!

General - $50 (kids $25)
Seated - $75
Table $150 per person x 10

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Di is one of my longest standing PT clients and she’s been boxing with me consistently for over 2 years now (???… I’m not exactly sure how long, perhaps you can help me out Di?) But my point is that her consistent training over time, along with her willingness to learn has meant that she’s developed into not just a good boxer but a very technical boxer!

She has a great understanding of how to move her feet, how to turn her body in order to generate power and how to slip and roll out of the way of punches. Well done Di keep being awesome!

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I spent today (along with a lot of my family) celebrating the the 87 years of my Pop’s life. He didn’t get everything right but he did do A LOT! And I think he lived a life that anyone would be proud of.

I knew him as a quiet and thoughtful man but also a very competitive man. And from the stories I heard from him as well as from my gran, my mum and my dad he always backed himself and if a job needed doing he got it done.

It’s funny how something so sad can make you realise how important it is to make the most of your time on Earth. There’s a few things that I’m very ambitious about and at times I’ve wondered if I’ve made the right choices… But I’ve heard that when you’re lying on your death bed - it’s not the things that you did do that you regret, it’s the things you didn’t do.

Rest in peace Pop. Love you.

My new speed ball platform just arrived and there’s this super hot chick on the packaging for the speed ball!!!! @smaifitness @modelbeeny #boxing

Aaaaw Yeh! I’ve got a new toy! I made this slip bag for $10 :) #maizebag #slip #boxing #boxinghype #teamjuarez

STEAK!!!!! #nom #Georgeforeman #perfection #getinmybelly

Bye bye Manimal @benwallmma … Have an excellent time in the states and best of luck in your upcoming fight! Show the #ufc how it’s done :)